Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Very Sade, Canceling Wedding

Like recurring ring, I hope no one has to deal during in this position, from interesting Bride:

Sadly, we have decided to call off the wedding. We sent out the Save The Dates a while ago, and we’re going to each notify our own “sides” of the guest list. I can call my friends, but what do I do to notify the distant relatives and parents’ friends? I know I need to send something soon because the wedding date is only 3 months away. In this state of mind, I can’t think of what to say. Any thoughts?

First: I’m so very sorry. This is one of those situations where simplicity goes a long way — you don’t need to get into details with extended family. A phone call definitely works a bit better than a mailed card, which can get lost in the shuffle.Read more