Sunday, May 31, 2009

Indian Bride Wedding Dress

On the wedding day are Indian bride wedding dress is focal attraction of the ceremony and bride wedding dress also wants to look the best among all. Bride hairstyle and make up as well as over all ornaments gives her the best and eye catching look and the first thing that is most important for Indian bride and for that she to be more worry is wedding dress.

An Indian girl makes lots of sweet dreams for her wedding dress from when she understands the actual meaning of wedding and therefore adequate preparations are made some days ago for wedding dress since wedding ceremony.

days Indian celebrates wedding ceremony very lavishly due to this and they spend a big amount of money on bridal wear and most of the Indian bride prefers designer wedding dresses to look like a heaven girl on wedding day. The latest trends in bridal dress or wear that is going on are short CHOLIS with pants, short KURTAS with ZARI embroidery and short KURTAS with embroidered pants is also getting popularity.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Modern Designs of Wedding Invitation for You

Marriage is a relationship that made in consent of parents who have their own experience of choosing the good life partner. Wedding customs are really important for bride and groom and for their family and this is a first step and most important step for the celebration of a marriage ceremony is the invitation. Invitation cards really means a lot in a wedding their designs and matter is very important.

All marriage related customs are informed by these beautiful cards and invitation cards are divided into various categories according to the Bride. For a Diva Bride we know the style of your wedding day will be no different from the stylishness you exhibit in your everyday life so when you choose your wedding invitation, you’ll make a sensational statement.

We know one bride who had her local invitations hand-delivered by a team of white-gloved men in ties and tails that’s the Diva style. The bright colored of invitation cards truly look fabulous and marvelous. You can also use original artwork and your own imaginative wording.

To add to your bold and unforgettable look, announce your celebration with unusual lettering and we love large modern script fonts or medieval calligraphy. You can choose your childhood’s quiet photo as the front of the card design. For this amazing moment of life invitation card beauty attracts everyone mind.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fantastic Honeymoon in Hawaii

Wedding is an unforgettable moment of everyone’s life. This moment is the first step for the great start of bride and groom’s life. On the occasion of your wedding one more important thing for that you are planning for that is your honeymoon. Honeymoon is really the best moment of couple’s life and if you finding for a great place for your great honeymoon then let’s go with us and Hawaii is the excellent location for your honeymoon I men it is just pure romantic relaxing bliss.

Hawaii is the perfect honeymoon location. You are interest into hiking, you’ll love it. Hawaii as a honeymoon place is incredibly beautiful. The KAUAI trail on the NEPALI coast is absolutely stunning. You should definitely pick up the ultimate KAUAI guidebook by Andrew doughty.

KAUAI and knows all of the best hikes and has amazing directions & other recommendations. I’m sure you’ve already got things planned out. The island of Oahu which is at Hawaii has a little bit of everything for the honeymoon. You can sit and watch the pro-surfers rip up the waves on the North Shore and you can hit one of the forty golf courses.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

wedding Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is the most special occasion of every one’s life. On this happiest occasion you have lots of plans of dance and sing. Music is a really very effective to speak your emotion with your love. Songs have a way of staying with you. If you have a favorite love song or if the two of you have a special song that defines your relationship and consider adding it to the ceremony and in your song will stand out and become associated with you and your wedding forever. In a special wedding party music is very essential to make spirit of fun and enjoyment.

The selection of wedding music is also means a lot on your wedding party. Coincidentally, my husband is a wedding singer. He says that some of the songs performed for the processional or first dance go very well within the wedding ceremony. The song is play in BARAAT and the coming of the groom and this friends and family partner dance in look of the horse seat clean. They bring the groom to the wedding venue amidst a cheery atmosphere. At the occasion of BARAAT wedding bend are make big fun and at the party dance floor are the best alternative for nowadays.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Engagement Ring For Bride And Groom

In an Wedding dress the engagement is first step of all wedding rituals the trend of engagement is celebrated as small wedding party. In an Indian wedding engagement is very essential rituals in which the exchange of ring take place between bride and groom so the main attraction for the day is the rings of both bride and groom.

After a through search on web we have finally finded out the best engagement ring for bride and groom these designer rings are designed by Anita Ko. Anita Ko designer collection of ring presents the huge variety of fashionable earrings among them two best and special designs of rings I have chosen for your engagement. 18 karat gold diamond encrusted panther ring for groom the golden look with sparkly diamonds adorned in the shape of panther and the next unique ring designed by Anita Ko for bride is a delicate stylish ring for bride is stunning diamond encrusted silver ring with new overlapping sparkling diamonds.Via

Friday, May 15, 2009

Purpose of wedding

Wedding means the memorable moment of bride and groom and their families and friends, our almighty god has given partner to all living objects whether its human beings or animal but there is no rule in animal to find their partner but in human beings if you need your partner then you have to cross many process or customs then you will get your partner and its well known to all that what is this process or custom it’s the process of wedding.

Wedding is the process provides life partner for you or in other words we can say that wedding is the combination of two hearts, in our world there are many countries are present and the process of wedding of every country is different like HINDU wedding, Christian wedding and many other types of wedding. There is different kind of wedding but the main purpose of wedding is to give life partner to human beings and in wedding two different people takes oath that they will live their whole life together in any type of conditions.

Wedding is very important and need of every human being and in other words we can say that we are living for this purpose only, I think so but its true or false I don’t know because every figures are not equal I mean to say that its not correct that what I am thinking you also think that but its clear that wedding means a process brings two life partners together.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Princess wedding gown

At Sydney Powerhouse Museum this month will have the most valuable thing of Princess Diana wedding gown and it is includes the features a 25 foot train and 10000 sequins. This wedding gown was made in secret for late princess Diana by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. When she was marring Prince Charles in 1981 and a perhaps it is one of the most famous wedding dresses in the world. It is predicted that around 75 million people watch this wedding ceremony on TV and that time Graham Murton said that watching this dress is like a fairytale.

“It around have 10,000 tinsels, at Suffolk silk was manufactured, with a veil it had 25 foot train, and it really doesn’t show her before time of wedding” he said.

It is what every groom wants to dress on her wedding it like fairytale dream, it is beyond this world.

“I think that if you come to exhibition you will see the reality with your eyes that it is really like a fairytale”.

In exhibition there are other things of Princess Diana which will be shown there like jewelry, outfits, and home videos.