Friday, May 15, 2009

Purpose of wedding

Wedding means the memorable moment of bride and groom and their families and friends, our almighty god has given partner to all living objects whether its human beings or animal but there is no rule in animal to find their partner but in human beings if you need your partner then you have to cross many process or customs then you will get your partner and its well known to all that what is this process or custom it’s the process of wedding.

Wedding is the process provides life partner for you or in other words we can say that wedding is the combination of two hearts, in our world there are many countries are present and the process of wedding of every country is different like HINDU wedding, Christian wedding and many other types of wedding. There is different kind of wedding but the main purpose of wedding is to give life partner to human beings and in wedding two different people takes oath that they will live their whole life together in any type of conditions.

Wedding is very important and need of every human being and in other words we can say that we are living for this purpose only, I think so but its true or false I don’t know because every figures are not equal I mean to say that its not correct that what I am thinking you also think that but its clear that wedding means a process brings two life partners together.