Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Engagement Ring For Bride And Groom

In an Wedding dress the engagement is first step of all wedding rituals the trend of engagement is celebrated as small wedding party. In an Indian wedding engagement is very essential rituals in which the exchange of ring take place between bride and groom so the main attraction for the day is the rings of both bride and groom.

After a through search on web we have finally finded out the best engagement ring for bride and groom these designer rings are designed by Anita Ko. Anita Ko designer collection of ring presents the huge variety of fashionable earrings among them two best and special designs of rings I have chosen for your engagement. 18 karat gold diamond encrusted panther ring for groom the golden look with sparkly diamonds adorned in the shape of panther and the next unique ring designed by Anita Ko for bride is a delicate stylish ring for bride is stunning diamond encrusted silver ring with new overlapping sparkling diamonds.Via